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UKeSA Championship - Counter Strike Source Knockouts

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Second Half of the UKeSA Season 1 CSS Championship League

Enemy Down is pleased to be the official home of the UKeSA Leagues and Cups in 2009. With the announcement of the nine Championship titles comes the launch of the Counter-Strike: Source UKeSA Championship Division Season 1 2009.

The Championship Division is the semi-professional league of the UKeSA and is the prize-paying stepping stone to the professional Premiership Division. The Championship is a fully scheduled and moderated semi-pro eSports league with media coverage and LAN finals. The top four Championship game titles in terms of sign-ups and complete squads will become UKeSA Premiership Divisions. Only teams that are registered in the Championship will have the opportunity to become Premiership teams. At the end of Season 1, the top three teams from the Championship will have the opportunity to be promoted to the UKeSA Premiership.



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Semi Final 1

Semi Final 2