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All normal gametype rules apply unless otherwise stated below.

Call of Duty 4: PS3 (4v4)

League Rules:

1. All general UKeSA & ED rules apply unless otherwise stated in this section. The UKeSA General Rules can be found here:

2. The following standard settings apply:

Spectator: Team Only (UKeSA admins may join as Spectators)
Headshots Only: Off
Old School Mode :Off
Respawn Delay: Off
Wave Spawn Delay: Off
Forced Respawns: On
Allow Sprint: On
Friendly Fire: On
Max Health: Normal
Kill Cam: Home team option
Perks: Home team option
Air Support: Off

Bomb Timer: 45 seconds
Multiple Bombs: Off
Bomb Plant Time: 45 seconds
Bomb Defuse Time: 7.5 seconds
Number of Respawns: None

Round Switch: Every Round
Round Time: 3 minutes

Score Limit: 4 points

3. Cup games will be best of 3 games per match. Teams will alternate map choice starting with the home team.

4. In each Match, it is required that one player from each side takes a photograph of the result. You can use any image capturing tool providing the picture is clear (Example, digital camera or mobile phone) Please have the time / date displayed on the image. The picture must be available if an admin or the UKeSA requests it. It is in your best interests to follow this crucial step when playing matches on ED & in UKeSA. Evidence that has been altered or resaved using photo editing software will not be accepted.

5. Use of the following game glitches will not be tolerated:

God Mode: This is a glitch where the player becomes stuck in "Last Stand" and cannot be killed; anyone found to be using this glitch will be dealt with severely.

Pipes on Pipeline are a glitch - Anyone found to be getting into any of the pipes on Pipeline will lose the match and face a playing ban.
The roof on Overgrown is not a glitch.
The boxes on Wetworks are not a glitch.
The roofs on Crash are not a glitch.
The boxes or tank on Bog are not a glitch.
The archway and market on District are not a glitch.
Planting the bomb outside the crate is not a glitch.
The rooftops on Ambush are not a glitch.

6. Default wins are awarded as 3-0.

7. The scoring system will be as follows:

3 points for a win
1 point for a draw
0 points for a loss


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Group 1

Avlg1714922481225128453_large Gbavatar_large Match 7378
Feb 16 2009 at 20:00:00 GMT

Group 2

Avlg13422557181231287980_large 32x32_noavatar Match 7406
Feb 16 2009 at 20:00:00 GMT
32x32_noavatar Togavayv1_large Match 7408
Feb 16 2009 at 20:00:00 GMT