Enemy Down

DoDS Summer Cup #1 - Beta Knockout Cup

64x64-pc 64x64-dods_medium

All normal gametype rules apply unless otherwise stated below.

Full Cap scoring must be used, if full caps are level at the end of a match the winner is decided on whoever has accumulated more tickpoints.

The ed15.cfg must be used for all matches.

Default victories are awarded as 3-0.

In-eye demos must be recorded regardless of if a recording SourceTV server is present.

X-ray is not required in this event.

Demos, end-round and 'rcon status' screenshots must be kept for the duration of the event plus one month.

Tournament Level List

Event Tree

Rr_large Allstar2_large
Sun Jul 5th 09
32x32_noavatar Final3-1_large
Sun Jul 5th 09
32x32_noavatar Hyst_logo180x180_large
Sun Jul 5th 09
931e793cfadff570671f74ea225a46fe81e07b63_full_large 583126f558e4f66752bacbc5555087820827f993_full_large
Sun Jul 5th 09