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Registration .eu work-around!

Right now there are problems with the .eu mailservers and here is a work-around to get off to a good start. .. read more


EDCOD4L Season One by VitaNova LIVE!

After a successful test season, the Enemy Down Call of Duty 4 League by Vita Nova kicks off with the first official season! .. read more


VitaNova and PBBans Partnership.

EnemyDown and PBBans Partnership. EnemyDown has entered a partnership with PBBans specifically for Call of Duty 4. All EnemyDown Match Servers MUST stream to PBBans. .. read more


Alienware Backpacking Challenge Announced

Alienware Backpacking Challenge, $5000 prize .. read more


Heroes of Newerth Arrives!

News of Heroes of Newerth on ED .. read more


EnemyDown Call of Duty 4 League hosted by VitaNova LIVE!

The league has officially opened for season 0. This means it is a test season which will only include teams from the invite and preinvite channels for COD4. This is a season to test out admins and the system and also the rules. .. read more


EnemyDown Acquired by Heaven Media

Heaven Media, publisher of leading websites for enthusiast PC hardware, gaming and esports, today announced the acquisition of EnemyDown, including its propriety X-Ray Anti-Cheat software. .. read more

Latest Scene News


Ladder Closes and Teams Advanced to League

Thank you to all the teams that played in the EnemyDown COD4 Ladder Powered by VitaNova. The ladder "finished" on the 5th of June 2010 and a screenshot was taken of the teams that placed first through tenth....

Posted by Kleineman on Jun 7th 2010 18:30

The first two teams will be promoted to Division 4 of Season 1 of the COD4 League by VitaNova. These are:

Dissolve and Team Gigabyte


Teams that placed third through tenth, will form Division 5 of Season 1 of the COD4 Public Ladder by VitaNova. These are:





Visualize Your Enmity



Team Nevermind


Congratulations to all the teams that put in the effort to make it through to the League.

With that, the ladder is going to be reset and teams are invited to continue the activity on the ladder! Keep an eye on the news, a ladder reset will be announced to choose teams for Season 2 of the COD4 League by VitaNova.


Sign-ups for Season 1 of the League and a New Ladder Open tonight at 1900hrs GMT



Other Scene News


Transactions: Bashers Searching, Dignitas sign Krit and Re1ease

Toxic lose Kritikal and Re1ease to Dignitas, ButtonBashers look to replace their CoD4 squad

Posted by SmellyMoss on May 26th 2009 13:53


God is a Gooner! How to Grow Old in a Clan: Part 2

Dekko drools all over himself again and we all grow wiser from it.

Posted by Dekko on May 24th 2009 18:20


TF2: The Sniper/Spy Update

The Sniper Update has finally arrived! Wait... the Spy Update? Here is a breakdown of what it includes

Posted by SmellyMoss on May 22nd 2009 19:14


Transactions: Crack Lose Ritch, Dignitas Sign Appz

Former CGS player Ritch has left CC, Dignitas TF2 takes a hit and signs Appz

Posted by SmellyMoss on May 15th 2009 15:05


Another Fishy Movie

Is CoD headed for a big screen near you?

Posted by Dekko on May 14th 2009 23:43


PoP Goes The Movie

Disney unleash Jake Gyllenhall as the Prince of Persia!

Posted by Dekko on May 14th 2009 22:19


Transactions: CoolerMaster release CSS side, Crack sign Halo 3 team

Crack Clan have picked up former Infused/Imperial side, CSS dropped by TCM for now

Posted by SmellyMoss on May 11th 2009 12:40


Lights! Camera! Chainsaws!

Take a look at the latest Gears of War movie news, baby!

Posted by Dekko on May 10th 2009 14:39


This Popcorn Smells Fishy: BioShock the Movie

The world of Rapture is ripe for a movie so let's hope that it doesn't sink into the briney deep without a trace

Posted by Dekko on May 10th 2009 14:18


How to Grow Old in a Clan: Part 1

Dekko continues on his journey to disect what makes a great clan. We don't know why he's on this journey, none of us asked him.... .... ....

Posted by Dekko on May 6th 2009 12:00

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