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Registration .eu work-around!

Right now there are problems with the .eu mailservers and here is a work-around to get off to a good start. .. read more


EDCOD4L Season One by VitaNova LIVE!

After a successful test season, the Enemy Down Call of Duty 4 League by Vita Nova kicks off with the first official season! .. read more


VitaNova and PBBans Partnership.

EnemyDown and PBBans Partnership. EnemyDown has entered a partnership with PBBans specifically for Call of Duty 4. All EnemyDown Match Servers MUST stream to PBBans. .. read more


Alienware Backpacking Challenge Announced

Alienware Backpacking Challenge, $5000 prize .. read more


Ladder Closes and Teams Advanced to League

Thank you to all the teams that played in the EnemyDown COD4 Ladder Powered by VitaNova. The ladder "finished" on the 5th of June 2010 and a screenshot was taken of the teams that placed first through tenth.... .. read more


Heroes of Newerth Arrives!

News of Heroes of Newerth on ED .. read more


EnemyDown Call of Duty 4 League hosted by VitaNova LIVE!

The league has officially opened for season 0. This means it is a test season which will only include teams from the invite and preinvite channels for COD4. This is a season to test out admins and the system and also the rules. .. read more

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Registration for an EnemyDown Account for New Users.

This is how you go about getting an account for ED!

Posted by UNDF-VickNesh on Oct 5th 2010 23:02


Welcome to EnemyDown. A gaming site dedicated to providing the community with a platform to organise and play out inter-clan / team matches.

To get started, you will need an account. To register or an account, click HERE. Yes, I know, it takes you to another site. This is perfectly OK. All the databases are linked and an account on Enemydown.co.uk gets you access to Enemydown.co.uk (ED.co.uk), Enemydown.eu (ED.eu) and Xraygaming.co.uk (XAC).

Once you have registered on ED.co.uk, go on and check your email for the Password and then Log into ED.eu with your email address and password.

Once you have done that, read THIS to get started entering your GUID (Click HERE to get your GUID), making a clan, squad, and entering ladders.

If you have any problems with the registration, please contact me. I can be reached on IRC (Quakenet) in #edadmins or #enemydown.cod7 as VickNesh or on Steam in the ED COD:BO Steam Group as UNDF-Typh0eu$, or the one with a Star next to my name (I change my name often for various reason! :P ). You will need to log into steam in your web browser to join the group. If you have done it right, I will most likely be able to help! =)


Happy Fragging!





Other PC News


UKeSA Grand Finals: CSS, TF2 Underway In Day Two

CSS and TF2 have started in London in the UKeSA

Posted by rupert on Jun 21st 2009 11:49


UKeSA Grand Finals: Celsus and Bashers Lose, Dignitas Move On

Dignitas have secured a spot in the CoD4 PC Final after a narrow win over the ButtonBashers

Posted by SmellyMoss on Jun 20th 2009 20:09


UKeSA Grand Finals: Dignitas Win CS 1.6, FIFA 09 Premiership Action Started

Dignitas are 1.6 Champs and in FIFA 09, Sensation beats Huge 4-2

Posted by SmellyMoss on Jun 20th 2009 13:35


UKeSA Grand Finals: FIFA 09 360 Champs & Alienware Cup

Infused Ben has won the Championship and the Jakal has taken the Alienware Cup in FIFA 09 on the 360

Posted by SmellyMoss on Jun 20th 2009 12:29


UKeSA Grand Finals: FIFA 09 PS3 and CS 1.6 Finals

The action is underway with FIFA 09 and CS 1.6 taking place at the moment, CoD4 is coming up

Posted by SmellyMoss on Jun 20th 2009 11:27


UKeSA Grand Finals Weekend Countdown

Less than 12 hours to go until the action gets started in CS 1.6, FIFA 09 and plenty more

Posted by SmellyMoss on Jun 19th 2009 22:20


30 Second Rundown: Call of Juarez Girls & Astro Gaming

Astro Gaming headsets and mixamps are available in the UK, German Cowgirls face off

Posted by SmellyMoss on Jun 17th 2009 08:32


Transactions: NWA Sign With TLR & YoYo Make Changes

Call of Duty 4 side, NWA, sign with Last Resort & YoYoTech pick up Gears and Halo squads

Posted by SmellyMoss on Jun 16th 2009 11:33


30 Second Rundown: America's Army Pre-load & BF3

Battlefield 3 has been confirmed and AA3 is now available to pre-load on Steam

Posted by SmellyMoss on Jun 12th 2009 12:32


Company of Heroes Update - June 10th, 2009

CoH has been updated with fixes for known bugs, map issues and general gameplay

Posted by SmellyMoss on Jun 12th 2009 11:53

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