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Transactions: HenryG Joins Crack, TCM Goes Console


Transactions: HenryG Joins Crack, TCM Goes Console

Team CoolerMaster have picked up a console squad and HenryG has landed in Crack Clan

Posted by SmellyMoss on May 1st 2009 11:50

Here is a rundown of the transactions that have happened over the last ten days in the UK. A surprising amount happening in the build up to LAN79.

Team CoolerMaster pick up former Dignitas frontman Rumsey (360)

Team CoolerMaster have thrown their hat into the console scene by picking up Decerto mainstay Emotion (Michael Kent) and a top flight CoD4 squad. Former Dignitas and Imperial veteran Rumsey leads the pack which is filled out by Crazyfistz, Gunshy and DopedGoat. Great pick-up by TCM.


HenryG settles with Crack (CSS)

HenryG (Henry Greer) has finished his hop, skip and jump and has landed himself in Crack Clan. The former 4Kings player was loaned out to Dignitas for the GSL tournament but has confirmed that he will be playing for Crack at LAN79 this weekend. Crack has moved Mx (Jim Smale) to make room for Counter-Strike: Source's equivalent to David Beckham (sorry). Greer recently said, "I had many, many offers after the gadget show, although a lot of people will criticise me for this decision, I have done a lot of soul searching and I feel this is the best path for me. I’m just going to do my G thing at Lan79, you know how I roll." Yes, we do.

After the departure of the G man from 4Kings, all hell broke loose with Dumbazo and Cauzed also deciding to call it quits from gaming's royality. No word on a new 4K line-up yet.

Crack Clan was also recently on the verge of signing the former MeetYourMakers CS 1.6 squad. Then they got shafted and a single tear fell from Luke Cotton's eye. That may or may not have happened but Luke did comment. He said, "We’re obviously bitterly disappointed about this, everything had been agreed and the rebranding of the new look cc// would have happened today had we not received such news. Collectively the management staff here at cc// have been around for long enough to know that this set back isn’t something that needs to be worried about, we still have the support necessary to continue with our expansion."


RattlesnK packs a poison (CSS)

Woah. RattlesnK is back and ready to bite. The Dignitas player is returning to their CSS line-up in time for LAN79 which leaves FrankstaH (Frank Rini) the odd man out. Will he return to his old form and keep Dignitas at the top? Probably.


Money on YoYo after Coinz joins (TF2)

Coinz, one of the top soldiers in TF2, has been transferred from Team CoolerMaster (formerly WOTR) to YoYoTech where he will take on the roll of scout. A superb signing considering that Coinz is one of the best all around TF2 players out there.  In the aftermath, Team CoolerMaster TF2 have called it quits.

Infused CoD4 loses twrs, gains bac (CoD4)

Team Infused have replaced twrs (Josh Towers) with bAc (Ben Coppard) after Towers asked to step back from team due to, "motivational issues." The Infused captain, chenson, was a little emotional over twrs decision and said, "Since i36, the team has been contemplating the best way to move forward and prepare for the summer lans and Josh decided it was best to step aside due to a lack of motivation. The whole team are very saddened to see Josh go as he has been a massive part of this team and one of the nicest people I have met in gaming without a shadow of a doubt."

The Imperial lose Klash16 & Sensation (FIFA 09)

The Imperial have seen a whirlwind of activity and are showing why its not always peaches and cream being an esports team that features top players but the lack of backing to keep them (esports and professional sports are closer than we sometimes think). Off to 4Kings are the top Dell XPS Premiership FIFA  09 players Sensation and Klash - they will still represent TI at the Grand Finals. FIWC finalist AdamW is still with the team. In Halo 3, the Buk twins have left TI leaving Vard and Badshah on their own. It's a sad time for The Imperial but they do have one skill that almost all other UK teams seem to be lacking at the moment - they are great at finding and developing top console players instead of nicking them from other teams. Yes, I just went there.




Ryoga Hibiki said: (May 02 2009 at 00:32:26 BST)

Hmmm, so what happens with those FIFA players? Do they stay in the Premiership but now with 4Kings? or do The Imperials get to choose two replacements?


Klash16 said: (May 02 2009 at 01:12:25 BST)

no we will not get replaced no way .. and he havent joined 4kings i said we might ..... me and sensation earnt our places in ukesa dell prermiership ... so how can it be a clans .. thats not right .. i tell u wot tho if that happens ... fifa can go for me sod playing that , that would be such a bad decison . how came a team own a spot when i got picked . and i am joining tcm most likey.. you guys to look at this.. becasue if this is whats happens .. no fifa for me !!!!


Klash16 said: (May 02 2009 at 01:12:50 BST)



KeiFo said: (May 02 2009 at 01:46:41 BST)



SmellyMoss said: (May 02 2009 at 11:23:28 BST)

Unfortunately, that is not how any sport works mate. Lewis Hamilton wins the Championship in F1, he doesn't get the choice to race next year. It's up to the teams. They own and pay for the spots. I'm not saying that is what will happen with you guys in UKeSA as FIFA spots look to be owned by the players, not the teams. BUT you're not using much logic here. You need to contact UKeSA and ask. How hard is that?


Klash16 said: (May 02 2009 at 12:37:08 BST)

that would be pretty silly its an xbox


TI_SeNSaTIoN said: (May 02 2009 at 12:51:48 BST)

players spot not team, cos when UKeSA started klash left immense and came to TI this shows it was klash's spot, now if u quite clearly want to change the rules randomly it almost seems like the players you like more will keep there place. Such a joke


oLi- said: (May 02 2009 at 13:12:00 BST)

I agree with rob there but unfortunatley that means your spot is TI's.


Klash16 said: (May 02 2009 at 13:48:51 BST)

yer excatly that would mean you are changing the rules ...whats the point us playing in the championship when we haveed clearly dominated the premership thats stupid ... the championship would be not right for us .. this is loln


TI_SeNSaTIoN said: (May 02 2009 at 13:50:36 BST)

Prem players were not allowed into the alienware fifa cups but this will be funny if me and klash wa in the championship, probs about 200goals in that season klash :P lol


Ryoga Hibiki said: (May 02 2009 at 13:54:37 BST)

Okay, I get what SmellyMoss is saying. This is ultimately a UKeSA decision and probably a decision that will involved the Community Council.

As UKeSA is suppose to support the eSports teams in building up their brand, so that they can support their players and not UKeSA supporting the player solely, it will mean that Klash and Sensation SHOULD stick with The Imperial UNTIL they are relegated to the Championship.

Like when Rooney left Everton for Man Utd. Rooney got to play Champions League football. Now if he left Man Utd for Wigan, he won't get the privilage to play the Championships league. It would be a same if half the team of Man Utd left for Wigan. It doesn't mean Wigan get's to play in the Champions League, just because of the the Champions League winning team is playing for Wigan.

So if you guys do decide to leave for 4Kings, then don't take the decision lightly.


Dignitas Motown said: (May 02 2009 at 14:02:13 BST)

Have fun in the championship. In my opinion thats what you deserve after betraying Mellow Marsh!


Klash16 said: (May 02 2009 at 15:38:11 BST)

at the end . i was the won that got put in the premership and not ti ...


hawkesy said: (May 02 2009 at 16:52:18 BST)

love it...


Klash16 said: (May 02 2009 at 17:34:59 BST)

what do u mean love it lol.... it wouldnt suit us in the championship and to be honest what players could ti pick that would do well in the premiership .. all the good players are taken by teams


SmellyMoss said: (May 02 2009 at 19:07:22 BST)

AdamW? He's in Barca this weekend for the FIWC... what are you doing? Where did Ti find and sign you from? Stop being so arrogant! FIFA 10 will come out, you could suck at it and easily be replaced. Obviously, that probably won't happen but youneverknow. Infused have two great players just waiting to jump at the chance to play you guys.


TI_SeNSaTIoN said: (May 02 2009 at 19:24:56 BST)

ok smellymoss any player thats good at ANY football game can change, PES players can come to FIFA and still be a top player, its not that hard, me and klash are mr arrogant of fifa man, deal with that fact. Sensation just made enemeny #345


Klash16 said: (May 02 2009 at 21:50:00 BST)

adam plays ps3 xbox he cant play well ... i mean infused have two good players why would they want to join TI ... and im not being aragant but i know im good smellmoss and you know im good ....ultra geek fest , its not like its a sport its a console thats wot you have to understand i dont know how to put it any simpler. and on fifa i can be as argagant as i like you cant tell me what i can and cant do


TI_SeNSaTIoN said: (May 03 2009 at 00:35:37 BST)

lol klash, you tell them, they must think there all knowing, so ye, e-sports is a real sport now, we must compare it to REAL football LOL!


TI Mellow said: (May 03 2009 at 00:46:08 BST)

Klash, I'm pretty sure as staff member he can tell you what he can and can't do on this site.

If you'd bothered to ask me Klash, I would have happily given you the slot for FIFA.

@ Sensation. At the beginning, Klash didn't have the spot, Immense did but when he left, I had to apply for their spot for Klash to play in TI using Immense's spot. There's been no rule changes involved, I was aware of this from the start and if you weren't then that's your faults for not familairising yourselves with the rules. This is the same thing that prevented dignitas Benzi from playing in the premier league, even though it's an individual game, it's still about the orgs.

You both need to dry your eyes and grow up. This isn't the type of thing that should be discussed via a news post.


TI_SeNSaTIoN said: (May 03 2009 at 01:37:24 BST)

CHRIS MELLOW MARSH!!! GG , nice comment and i didnt know what and why are u implying that we wa crying and i dont need to grow up, being a kids awesome :)


Palaceroxx said: (May 03 2009 at 16:54:56 BST)

@@ Sensation & Klash - This is no place to discuss things like this, you should have contacted an admin or emailed the UKeSa. You are suppose to be professional gamers so you should both think and act like one..


Bub said: (May 03 2009 at 16:55:33 BST)

From the very beginning UKeSA have said again and again and again that it's about the Team and not the player. For season 1 teams were picked on the skill of their players, from that point onwards the slot belongs to the TEAM and not the player.

You're coming across as arrogant and pretty stupid to have not read any of the UKeSA literature. It's very clear and has been from Day 1. TI own the spot, you don't. The team is more important than you.


nvs.rage said: (May 03 2009 at 16:58:08 BST)

klash, i imagine the ukesa rules about teams owning the place in premiership was put in place to protect the org's. UK org's at that. FIFA should be no different to any of the other prem games, 1v1 or not. You were selected for the prem on the basis that a) you were good enough and b) that you represented a UK org (immense at the time). You left immense and imperial signed you and applied to ukesa for immense's prem place. So in this case, imperial own the slots, 4k or tcm or whoever you are joining will have to deal with imperial and ukesa if you want to retain your prem slot.


Klash16 said: (May 03 2009 at 20:12:09 BST)

far to serious


Commmet said: (May 04 2009 at 14:50:51 BST)

Seasons aren't that long, if you're right Klash and Imperial do fill their slots with players that think are no where near as good as you, surely it will be simple for you to get into the premiership and get the slot for Team Coolermaster, it's not like you lose anything. If it's as easy as you say it is, pay to enter, win collect the prize money and move into the premiership.

I'm not saying TI should keep the spots I'm just saying it's not that big a deal whatever way it happens because the better players will always end up at the top.


Klash16 said: (May 04 2009 at 16:03:09 BST)



TI_SeNSaTIoN said: (May 04 2009 at 19:21:05 BST)

The TI kids are back WOOP


RobMclean said: (May 05 2009 at 03:48:59 BST)

Pair of idiots. Grow up.


TI_SeNSaTIoN said: (May 05 2009 at 10:30:51 BST)

haha, love people that get involvef and know nothing, shut up?


Commmet said: (May 05 2009 at 12:50:58 BST)

So does this mean, say TI didn't fancy playing Klash and Sensation next season, they could just swap them out for different players, even if Klash and Sensation both still played in TI? And does that mean they can sub them out in the middle of a season? And what happens to players who qualify from the championship and don't have any clan?


tHe JaKaL said: (May 05 2009 at 19:17:47 BST)

when is the knockout stages of the fifa09 alienware cup going to start?

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