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1on1: Rising FIFA Player, Klash 16


1on1: Rising FIFA Player, Klash 16

ED chats with The Imperial's Klash 16 about the UKeSA and FIFA 09

Posted by Ryoga Hibiki on Mar 5th 2009 18:23

A few members of the eSports community were questioning about the ongoings of the Team Immense and The Imperial saga, so we decided to talk to Klash16 (Ollie Hague) from The Imperial and get the lowdown and whether he will be willing to sacrifice everything for a win at this week's team derby...

Enemy Down: Congratulations on last week's match. 10 - 0 was quite monster score. How was it playing against Andy Orme (Mongoose)?

Klash16: It was nice to get off to a good start. I wasn't expecting to win by such a large margin as Andy Orme (Mongoose) gave Chris Bullard (ChrissyB) a good first game. But overall, it was good to get the win.


Enemy Down: You're now sitting in 2nd place with a game to spare. While it's still early in the competition, do you think you'll have what it takes to maintain the top half of the table?

I know I'm sitting in a pretty good spot at the moment but I also know its early days since I still have some hard games to play. My team mate, Robert Brewster (Sensation) and Dignitas' Luke Stovell (Motown/Classic) are my next two opponents and they're strong players. I think if I keep playing well, I can easily finish in a good position to maintain my Premiership status.


Enemy Down: Your next game is against Robert Brewster (Sensation), a team derby we are all looking forward to. Are you going to forget that he is your team mate and go for the win, even though he's sitting second to last in the table?

Klash16: Both of us want to badly win that match and even though we are in the same team, we obviously want to do as well as we can in the division. I will go all out for the win, at the cost of my team mate. The pressure is on Robert Brewster (Sensation) to get the wins as bad results will mean an exit from the Premiership. Our match should be a good game and I hope he can win all his other games.


Enemy Down: Who do you think will more likely to drop from the Dell XPS Premiership Division and who do you think will get promoted from the UKeSA Championship Division?

There are some good players in the Premiership, but in all honesty, Andy Orme (Mongoose) will be relegated. He's a nice lad, and I do hope he stays up but I don't think he will. As for the rest of us, it will be a hard battle. I think Luke Stovell (Motown/Classic) will remain in the Dell XPS Premiership Division. In terms of the Championship Division, there are some good players. Ben Withley (Benzi) will be promoted for sure, and there's are a few strong players who could see promotion too; Jack Bayley (Jacko) & Graham Ellix (Skamzz) from Nervous Gamers, Ashley Evans (Potential) from Immense and Dan Bellis (Dan 7) & Ben Andrews (Infused Ben) from Team Infused.

Enemy Down: Ben Withley (Benzi) is a Dignitas player. How do you think it will pan out seeing as he can only play in the Dell XPS Premiership Division if he is loaned out to another team or one of the current Dignitas players drop to the Championship Division?

Klash16: I don't know what will happen. It's not for me to say, but in my opinion, I think a Dignitas player can easily get relegated from the Premiership but also, there may be a small chance that Ben Withley (Benzi) may not even get promoted. Luck can swing both ways.

Klash16 (Ollie Hagues) talks to his copy of FIFA 09 before taking mongoose out to the slaughter.


Enemy Down: We interviewed Chris Bullard (ChrissyB) last week regarding his take on the saga between you and Team Immense. What is your story on this and why have you chosen or have been chosen to play for The Imperial?

Klash16: I joined Team Immense because they were a good team and had some good management. However, they had 3 preferred FIFA players prior to me, so they had preference to such things like funding. Unfortunately, I was annoyed by all of this and didn't think this was right while I was in their team. When I confronted Immense about the situation, they told me I was no longer part of their team and removed me from their website. Since then, I've been looking around for teams to join, and Robert Brewster (Sensation) from The Imperial recommended me to join The Imperial. They decided to recruit me into the team and the rest is history.

Enemy Down: Did all of this happen before you were picked to play in the Dell XPS Premiership Division?

Yeah, it happened just before the Premiership, so when I was picked to play in the Premiership, I was still listed under Team Immense by UKeSA. It was good of UKeSA to let me remain in the Premiership Division. I would have been annoyed if they had removed me. I heard rumours that Immense were trying to get me removed from the Dell XPS Premiership Division to be replaced by one of their preferred FIFA players.

Despite all these rumours and reports, I didn't see this "saga" as a big deal.

Enemy Down:
Now that UKeSA have opened the elections to the Community Council, how do you feel about having a Community Council and in what way will it affect you and the other players?

Klash16: Personally, I think UKeSA is running quite well at the moment, but I believe that with a Community Council onboard, we may get detailed information on the future of the competitions and vital information for those who are participating in the leagues. For example, I read that the finals are being held at a major venue. There's no further information other than the vague descriptions on their press releases. Obviously, people will have different opinions on the subject and to be honest, it doesn't bother me if there are any problems as long as it doesn't affect my participation.

Enemy Down:
I've asked Chris Bullard (ChrissyB) about the Be A Pro 10 vs. 10 competition, what are your thoughts on having such a competition and do you think it will work in the current climate?

It would be good to have some sort of Be A Pro competition. I wouldn't go for a 10 vs. 10 though - 4 vs. 4 or 5 vs. 5 would be better. I believe if there were prizes, players could take it really seriously.

Enemy Down: Finally, if you had to pick a 10 player Be A Pro dream team, who would you pick and what would their positions be?

If it was a 4-4-2 formation, then in defence, I would have Dan Bellis (Dan 7) & Ben Andrews (Infused Ben) from Team Infused, Matt Bushell (Hughjarse) from Nervous Gamers and Ashley Evans (Potential) from Immense. In midfield, my choices would be Chris Bullard (ChrissyB) & Michael Barrett (Bazza) from Dignitas, Robert Brewster (Sensation) & myself from The Imperial and Jack Bayley (Jacko) from Rive Gaming. Ben Withley (Benzi) & Luke Stovell (Motown/Classic) from Dignitas would be my final choices to play up front.

Enemy Down: Thanks for your time Ollie!




Klash16 said: (Mar 05 2009 at 19:14:19 GMT)

hahhaha that picture


TI Mellow said: (Mar 05 2009 at 19:17:32 GMT)

Go on Klash, son!


x_JacKo_x said: (Mar 06 2009 at 14:29:15 GMT)

go'on Klash! says im in nVg still :( good read though


Ryoga Hibiki said: (Mar 06 2009 at 14:59:10 GMT)

It has now been changed Jack! This is exactly why we need a proper transfer market/list in eSports, so we don't put old teams to players names....


x_JacKo_x said: (Mar 06 2009 at 15:22:58 GMT)

oh thats great, yeah good idea about the transfer market


TI_SeNSaTIoN said: (Mar 07 2009 at 18:28:25 GMT)

FIFA could do with a transfer list, but some games have changes far too often

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