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Dell XPS Premiership: ChrissyB Interview


Dell XPS Premiership: ChrissyB Interview

Enemy Down has a chat with former CGS FIFA player and current Dignitas star Chris Bullard

Posted by Ryoga Hibiki on Feb 25th 2009 13:56

I took some time out from playing Street Fighter 4, while putting down the wonderful MadCatz Tournament Edition Arcade Stick (I can't believe it's made by MadCatz) and had a chat with Christopher Bullard aka ChrissyB from Team Dignitas.

Enemy Down:
You went off to a good start on your Dell XPS Premiership Division debut against Andy Orme (Mongoose). How did the match go for you?

I was a bit nervous, to be honest. Like I said in my pre-match comments, I wasn't sure what to expect. So I played it safe and went with a defensive formation and focused on getting a win. However, I did feel the ground being removed from my feet when Andy Orme (Mongoose) came close to scoring. When I scored the only goal in the 55th minute, any nerves I had disappeared and felt comfortable from there on. It was a good match, but at the end of the day, grabbing those 3 points was what mattered.

Enemy Down: So playing Andy Orme (Mongoose) after the match, have your views changed towards him and his appointment to the Dell XPS Premiership Division?

ChrissyB: Andy Orme (Mongoose) is a good player and a nice guy, so I have nothing against him personally. I knew he was playing FIFA this year and I know he's passionate about it. He could of beaten me 10-0 but I still don't agree with a player being included after only attending one minor FIFA tournament. You wouldn't seed a Counter-Strike: Source team in the Dell XPS Premiership after coming 3rd at StratLAN, so why do it for FIFA???

Editor's Note:
fnatic Call of Duty 4 anyone?

Enemy Down:
Who, of your chosen seven, would you have seeded into the Dell XPS Premiership Division for this season? Bare in mind, that only 3 players of the same team will be allowed to play in any one season...

ChrissyB: With respect to that rule, I would think Ben Withley (Benzi) from Dignitas should of been given the option to be loaned out to another team. If either Ben Andrews (Infused Ben) or Dan Bellis (Dan7) both from Team Infused had paid for the Championship Division, then one of those players should of been in the Dell XPS Premiership Division too.

So, it would be Michael Barrett (Bazza), Matt Bushell (Hughjarse), Ben Withley (Benzi), Luke Stovell (Motown/Classic), Robert Brewster (Sensation), Ben Andrews (Infused Ben) and myself. No disrespect to Andy Orme (Mongoose) or Ollie Hagues (Klash); they are good FIFA players but I think the two Ben's should have been included at their expense.

Editor's Note: As Bullard mentions, neither Infused player was eligible for the Premiership due to UKeSA rules.

Enemy Down:
Speaking of playing for another team, there was some turmoil with Ollie Hagues' (Klash16) disownership by Team Immense and The Imperial picking him up straight after. Would you have done something different to ensure that teams wishing to be part of the Dell XPS Premiership Division had been dealt fairly? Maybe an "auction bid" so to speak...

ChrissyB: I think Ollie Hagues (Klash16) should play his game under the team he feels most comfortable with and if that's with The Imperial, then fair enough. I can't speak much about the issue as I'm not sure if either of these teams use contracts to secure their players. I would hazard a guess and say it's more like a gentleman's agreement that he's playing with The Imperial. Well done to the team for monitoring the situation closely. In terms of "auctions bids", maybe we can speak about it when the scene gets a bit bigger.


UKeSA Championship player Hawksey with UK Dignitas legend ChrissyB


Enemy Down: Your next match is with fellow team member, Luke Stovell (Motown/Classic). How do you feel the match will turn out, this week?

ChrissyB: Luke Stovell (Motown/Classic) is very good, online, so I'll have to cautious once on the field. I think he's playing very well at the moment, so I'm going to have to play my best to beat him. The first goal is important and whoever gets it, could go on to win by a big margin. I do hope it will be a great game and if we both play well, I'm sure it will be very close.

Enemy Down:
So what are your score predicitons between you and Luke Stovell (Motown/Classic)?

ChrissyB: I'll try and jinx him! he'll probably win 3 - 2!!! Although, it's going to be seriously unpredictable.

Enemy Down:
People are talking about a Dignitas 1st, 2nd and 3rd place result on the league table. Do you think that would be possible or do you think expectations are high because Luke Stovell (Motown/Classic), Michael Barrett (Bazza) and yourself are part of Dignitas?

ChrissyB: Of course it's possible and it would be great if it happened but we have a long way to go before talking about that. The league has so many good players, that we could all be fighting in a relegation scrap as well. It depends who can play the best consistantly and scrape the points. Being part of Dignitas, we only have expectations from the community. All we can do is do our best and if we are sitting top 3 at the end of the season, then that's great!

Enemy Down:
FIFA has the Be A Pro 10 vs 10 mode. Do you think teams such as Dignitas, Imperial, Betamaxx, etc can get it together to get a professional team to compete if there was such a competition in the Premiership? Or do you think it's still to early for Be A Pro?

ChrissyB: I would love to see it and I think it's possible in the near future. I would start off with some exhibition/friendly matches to see if it works or not. Saying that, I'm not the biggest fan of Be A Pro growing. I think it's important for FIFA to remain 1 vs 1 to continue it's growth in eSports. Playing FIFA on 1 vs 1 mode offers so much more than playing in Be A Pro mode, as you are controlling 10 players, which can't be compared to real football in my opinion. As soon as you bring in the idea of being able to just control a player in a set role in Be A Pro mode, then you might as well go outside and play real football with your friends in a Sunday league.

Enemy Down:
But what about those who can't play psyhical football due to disabilities?

ChrissyB: I was thinking about that too, so of course there are people who wish they could play football but can't. Therefore the 10 vs 10 Be A Pro mode is a great way to replicate that. It's an unpleasant subject for people who have had misfortunes and can't fulfil their dream of being a footballer or something else. However, I still don't think Be A Pro is the answer.

Enemy Down:
What feature of FIFA 2010 would you like to see in the game?

ChrissyB: I think the developers at EA Sports should bring back the ability to move the keeper, like the PC version of FIFA 09. I think there still needs to be a big emphasis on online modes and options. Gamers will go and buy games due to their online performance and activity, so that needs to be looked into and improved in my opinion. Maybe even an online co-op careers mode and stuff like that.

Enemy Down:
You've played in the Championship Gaming Series. What are your views on how it was executed and why do you think the organisation went into the "eSports Entertainment" direction?

ChrissyB: I personally think it was ill managed from the top. They took huge gambles and made big mistakes with money, something which you just can't do when your trying to build something from scratch. I think it had some good ideas with how it was executed, however they never backed up the studio footage with any decent features into the players lives, so I felt it was always impossible to build a fan base.

Enemy Down:
While there have been some attempts in the past to create what UKeSA are doing right now, do you feel UKeSA are doing something right for eSports in general?

ChrissyB: It's hard to say so early on, but I do believe a good foundation is starting to be built for the future, which needs to happen first. New teams and organisations are starting to appear too, so I just hope these teams get the support they need in order to grow and develop. After all, the future is dependant on these teams. As long as things are done slowly and the right people are consulted, I don't see how UKeSA can fail.

Enemy Down:
Thanks for your time Chris! It's been a pleasure as always.




Dignitas Motown said: (Feb 25 2009 at 18:28:10 GMT)

nice read chris


Kmzr said: (Feb 25 2009 at 20:06:32 GMT)

good interview (Y)


Schu11ers said: (Feb 25 2009 at 20:27:31 GMT)

nice one


DS Jester said: (Feb 25 2009 at 21:39:10 GMT)

Yeh i concur was interesting read.


TI Mellow said: (Feb 25 2009 at 21:40:40 GMT)

Good read. With regards to the bidding for a player thing, that'd be a bad feature to incorporate. Fair enough if that player was contracted to a team but he was a free agent and UKeSA don't own the rights to that player so it should simply down to the player to select the team he wants to join.


TI_SeNSaTIoN said: (Feb 25 2009 at 22:19:48 GMT)

Klash left immense for them being one sided for the other fifa player, he was a free agent, Immense no longer wanted him, whats wrong with that no "turmoil" what so ever


TI_Phaz said: (Feb 25 2009 at 22:21:15 GMT)

Agreed, if teams had to bid for players then it'd be a bit harsh on the lower level teams (like ourselves in fact) trying to build themselves up. If a player wants to play for a team and is a free agent he should be able to do as he pleases. I don't really see how him joining us caused ''turmoil'' either, but oh well.

It was a good read, good luck to you in UKeSA Chrissy. It'll be interesting to see how the leagues turn out.

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