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aE join Infused, TMG sign mo_Ose


aE join Infused, TMG sign mo_Ose

Alter Ego have joined Infused Gaming and former Volt squad sign with Trademark

Posted by SmellyMoss on Jan 28th 2009 12:54

The UKeSA is bringing home the boys with several squads jumping ship from non-UK to British based organisations as to allow them to compete in the UKeSA Championship and Premiership Leagues and Cups.

CoD4 PC:
Trademark Gamers have signed on mo_Ose, the former Volt Gaming squad that features several top Swedes and a lone Norwegian.

Veritas Gaming's Call of Duty 4 squad decided to call it a day last week and have now been replaced with the up-and-coming side from DOK according to Cadred. The move also saw the return of veteran player myStyles. The new Veritas side are the first high-profile squad to shift teams almost solely because of the UKeSA.

Team Sypher
have also made a UKeSA related move, signing up a new Call of Duty 4 squad in BOXERS. Sypher's last Call of Duty 4 team split midway through the ESL EPS season to later form a new Team Coolermaster line-up. Hopefully, they'll have better luck with this side.

Console squads reaping the rewards of UKeSA

The world of console eSports is changing at lightening pace with several professional eSports organisations that have classically stuck with PC titles expanding.

First off, picking up several console squads is Infused Gaming, who have swallowed up console team Alter Ego into their fold.

The Imperial have been the busiest of the busy picking up three squads over the past week plus adding a new sponsor in Lime Interactive. Chris TI Mellow Marsh, The Imperial's manager can't wait for the UKeSA Divisions to start.

"We've been waiting and watching UKeSA since we first heard about it, and there's been a lot of speculation about which games would make it pro. We'd already figured a lot of the games and support squads on a number of them already. However, the addition of UKeSA has caused us to pick up a number of other teams."

Mellow also added, "We're also hoping to recruit a CSS team before the sign up deadline is over. At the moment we're mainly using our knowledge of the various scenes when selecting teams to represent us. Between myself, the other console managers and our PC management, we have a fairly strong knowledge of most of the top games and we have therefore, found it fairly easy to find the right teams to represent us."

CoD4 360: The Imperial have picked up a new Call of Duty 4 squad after the announcement of the UKeSA Championship Divisions. TI have managed to swipe three former Dignitas players to form a five man line-up.

GoW2: TI have also scooped up a new Gears of War squad made up of former pX Romance players. Jimmiy Ninjizm Morter says, "I've got a good feeling about joining The Imperial. Since the start of Gears 2 Romance have never really felt at home. We're glad TI took us in and in return we're hoping to bring home them gold medals across LAN and online events."

R6V2: Squadra Recon have signed on Rainbow Six: Vegas 2 squad Devine Dominance.

Dupremacy have also signed on with The Imperial to compete in the Vegas 2 Open Divisions of UKeSA.

Finally, Quality Gaming is scoping out potential 360 squads at the moment. That's all from the round-up today, sugar lumps.




RMole said: (Jan 28 2009 at 16:42:34 GMT)

LoL der, id like to see any of these prem teams give my team a run for our money on PS3 COD4. Not a chance.


zaios said: (Jan 28 2009 at 17:26:02 GMT)

who ever wrote this please could you use the name of infused on enemydown/ukesa?

team infused

thanks :)


Dekko said: (Jan 28 2009 at 18:10:25 GMT)

Ah cool, good to hear that the big teams are joining up.

If I'd of known they were coming I'd of baked a cake.


NyteTyme said: (Jan 28 2009 at 19:07:18 GMT)

I did.


Gom8z said: (Jan 29 2009 at 11:17:52 GMT)

Looking all good for gaming in the uk.

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