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{E.F.F}GrimReaper said: (Jun 6th 2009 02:05)

so wheres the apply button ffs

Swampydoo said: (Jun 2nd 2009 17:40)

Billy you have to fill in your member status :)

Billy Bad Ass said: (May 28th 2009 21:51)

i guess i aint a member then !?

TnP SoundSystem said: (May 28th 2009 19:42)

hello people, OMG something is wrong, this acc works with the same password as my old co.uk acc. I just signed up as SoundSystem but it showed me, that I have to fill some things like age, gender etc. BUT I had to change my name too because, you know, "already in use" :P so I changed my name and it works, now I can login as TnP SoundSystem with my old password, but it still exist my old SoundSystem acc, but I totally don't know, under what password it works. And now, when I try to add my ID to guid, guess what - id already in use :P So I have two accounts, and that one I need is "frozen" :P One thing I'd want to know is, can I play matches? thanks :)

Martincrosbie said: (May 27th 2009 20:20)

Nice new bright and shiny website. give it a week before the old one is back

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Take No Prisoners has 11 members. We are recruiting.

Name Level Play
TnP MonkeY Squad Leader Cross
 - No Battlefield: Bad Company 2 GUID
Scrapman Squad Leader Tick
Swampydoo Squad Leader Tick
{E.F.F}GrimReaper Squad Leader Tick
Superw Squad Leader Tick
Snipeydoo Squad Leader Tick
-outlaw Squad Leader Tick
MadimasMaximus Member Tick
Mr.Winkle Member Cross
 - No Battlefield: Bad Company 2 GUID
 - No Battlefield: Bad Company 2 GUID
BLind^ Member Cross
 - No Battlefield: Bad Company 2 GUID

Squad Information


Europeanunion *TnP* - Take No Prisoners

Apr 02 2010 at 20:11:42 BST

Squad Bio

With the intension of being a fun clan we recruited new members along the way and have had some great nights on the server and in teamspeak (the need for a teamspeak server becoming a need as a server rule was no swearing to protect the younger end).
YES we have server rules and the admins will use there power as and when it's needed.

Besides the fact that TnP are 9+ years old we still have a good server a great set of players, we are mainly focused on Bad company 2 but love all first person shooters

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This squad is not currently involved in any tournaments.

Squad News

GUID @ Jul 02 23:03

Get your GUID and register it on here so we can start playing! :)